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For Over 20 Years...

Our team of specialists have been providing the utmost best in manual and massage therapy at our conveniently located  downtown Montreal clinic.


Highly Specialized Service

Or perhaps you simply want to maintain your healthy lifestyle? Using techniques like deep tissue massage therapy, osteopathy and spinal decompression, we have been successfully treating and preventing conditions like:


- herniated and bulging discs

- pinched nerves and sciatica

- insomnia, headaches and stress

- muscle pain and sports injuries

back injury from carrying a heavy moving box
Stressful business woman massages her temple to ease her tension headache migraine head pain
Senior Has Back Pain Due To Heavy Load
Sedentary Lifestyle Causing Back Pain



Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation,

Prenatal and Theraputic Massage

Craniosacral Therapy



A healthier you is a text message away


Our clinic is conveniently located in central downtown Montreal in Place Ville Marie 1, suite #1921, easily accessible by foot via both McGill and Bonaventure Metro stations.



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